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May 9, 2013
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T-C: Akashi Kuroyuki by enzouke T-C: Akashi Kuroyuki by enzouke

If I think of something else, I'll update. //weeps


» Akashi Kuroyuki
» Nickname/Codename: Bossu / Bossun / Akashi-san / Akashi-sama / Kuroyuki-san
» Rank: Expert
» Path: Neutral
» Gender: Male
» Age: 18
» Height: 5' 11" in. / 180.3 cm
» Species: Human
» Rivals With: Azami Miyamoto and anyone in the Chi Alliance
» Friends With: His Entire Alliance and Benedict Taizai

» Abilities/Powers
Akashi has a special power that he was born with. He is able to create sharp, lethal weapons using his blood (which is why he usually keeps his bandages bloody). The only drawback to his power is that is destroys a fair amount of his stamina and strength in order to do this. So far, he has not been able to use it, and this would be used as a last resort. He is also able to cover his sword with his blood, in order to make his Katana sharper, stronger, and much more lethal.

» Weapon(s)/Fighting Style
His primary weapon of choice is the Katana. He usually carries it around everywhere, unless he is certain he won't need it. He's obviously not gonna bring it around to the grocery store. He used to have it covered in bandages when it's not in use, but he's stopped with that habit. However, he might do it from time to time.

Akashi only uses his Katana in major fights and/or when he begins to feel cornered. Even if he enjoys using his Katana, he also has a tremendously liking for fighting with his fists alone. Akashi's very flexible when fighting with either his fists or Katana, but he is much more suited for close range fights and facing his opponent straight on. Even if he usually just wants to get a fight over with, he won't charge without thinking about his actions, of course. Unless he's fighting his rival, Azami. He usually just attacks her without thinking, since she sometimes runs away whenever he wants to fight her.

» Personality
Cold || Ruthless || Rash || Hot-tempered || Easily Irritated || Always itching for a Fight || Somewhat Restless || A bit of a Tsundere || Caring only with his members

» Biography
Akashi is a Japanese High School Student who has always been seen as a dangerous delinquent at school. He is usually very brutal towards anyone he meets and he is not the friendliest person to talk to. Chances are, he will most likely ignore you if you even dare talk to him. Even if you are the most prestigious student or most powerful individual in the world, he wouldn't even give a fuck if he spit at your face. Status, money, and power mean nothing to him.

He can be very rude. Once you start a fight with him, he will make sure he ends it. Even if you plead for mercy and beg for your life, if killing someone is the only way to end the fight, he won't hesitate to murder. However, he usually tries to avoid pointless killings. He may enjoy pointless fights, but he sure despises pointless murders. Fights should always be finished in his eyes and there must always be a victor. For him, there are no draws. You either win, or you either lose. You can't have either. Akashi usually thinks as 'draws' as mere 'pauses' in a fight. That way he can continue to fight people later if they have unfinished business to attend to.

He doesn't have any close friends at school due to his appearance and the way he never smiles. He always looks irritated, pissed off, and serious most of the time. Akashi has difficulty smiling with other people that aren't his Alliance members. He's pretty antisocial and he's usually terrible at getting along with others. He is always up for a fight at school and always gets into a lot of trouble. Most of the guys at his school love to pick fights with him, because he knows that he won't back down.

All the students of his school are still amazed that he hasn't been expelled yet for causing the school so much trouble. It was even rumored that he had threatened to kill the teachers and burn down the school, in order from getting kicked out. The reality, however, is that he could care less. He usually ditches school whenever he wants, and when he does actually go to class, he's either daydreaming, sleeping, or picking fights in the school yard.

Although he may become very violent, he is actually pretty calm... even if you'll usually hear him swearing and cussing other people out. He gets very disgusted by girls who show a deep affection towards him and the result of it has always ended in some form of violence. Due to his excessive fights, and his inability to say no to a cheap thrill, he is always getting hurt and covers all his injuries in bandages. Usually, he only ends up changing his bandages when they become completely covered with a dark crimson blood or if it begins to irritate him during a fight.

He prefers to have his Gakuran and part of his red shirt unbuttoned, because it allows him to move around more. And because he doesn't give a fuck about the dress code.

When Akashi discovered about the Tatakai Club, he was actually excited that such a club even existed in Japan, and he began to make his own alliance. He called it the Houtai Alliance, since he was always covered in bandages and he viewed them as a form of strength. If you didn't have bandages, not even a bruise, you weren't tough enough.

He began to accept members that he felt were up to the task and if they had any major injuries, they could join, since it showed him that they could withstand a brutal fight. However, due to the members injuries being too severe, they began to die quickly off once they got into fights with other elite alliances. Since then, he began to only accept members with minor injuries.

Although he seems like a rude and abusive character, he would do anything to help out his teammates, and he is very good at cooperating with them. He respects and trusts them to the fullest. Some of the members of his Alliance have even reported that he has a very kind heart, and has even shown them some type of affection - even if he's very strict.

Akashi has been known to accept very puppy-like and/or loyal teammates. It's a bit of a preference to him.

» History
Akashi used to be a much happier kid during his Childhood, however, that all changed when his mother brutally murdered his own father before his very eyes.

Back when he was 6, he remembered his father being extremely tired from work. He worked for a very powerful and well-known company that he was usually out very late, so Akashi treasured whenever his father could play with him. Even just small talk about what he did at school made him happy. He used to doodle pictures for his father, just so he had something to smile for when he returned from his long day at work.

During Golden Week, he remembered that his company gave him 2 days off for bringing much of the company's sucess over the years. Little Akashi didn't think it was fair that they only gave him 2 days off when he worked hard every day of the year, but he was happy he could spend more time with him, nonetheless. His mother, his father and himself finally got to eat together at the table. He almost didn't want to go to sleep when it was time to go to bed, but he did. Only to be awakened by some slight noises that were coming from the kitchen.

He got up and his eyes widened as he witnessed his own mother... stabbing his father in the chest repeatedly. His dad tried to yell and kick her off, but she had put her hand inside his mouth, just so he couldn't. Even if he was biting on her hand, practically trying to chew it off her, she remained calm as she stabbed his legs, his hands, his genitals, his eyes, before she slit his throat. She knew Akashi was there, but she didn't stop for him.

The floor was dripping with blood. It almost looked like his father took a blood bath. Akashi was terrified. He was very scared, but he was too paralyzed to move. He just... froze. His mom almost laughed at the thought, and she could only help but smirk as he looked helplessly as she murdered her own husband. She proceeded to behead Akashi's father with her blood-stained knife. Taking his father's bodyless head as she held it to her eye level and kissed him, almost as if he were still alive.

" I love your father very much, Aka-chan! " She said in a happy, yet sinister way as she tossed away the head and walked closer to Akashi; holding him in a tight embrace.

" I'm sorry you had to see that. But your father was cheating on me with another woman. This was the only way to teach him a lesson. I still love him very much. " She tried to explain to Akashi while giving him a smile... almost as if she was trying to say that what she did was for justice.

In reality, however, her true intentions were her selfishness and greed. She had only killed Akashi's Father in order to inherit all of his wealth. No one suspected a thing. She chopped off her own hand, claiming that her husband tried to murder her instead, and it was only self-defence. That lying cunt.

At that instant is when his hatred for women began to ignite, knowing that they were only selfish beasts that did things for their own benefit, instead of everyone else's. Akashi was very disturbed by the incident, that when he went to school the next day, he had almost stabbed a girl at his school and was labeled as a psychotic child. Eventually... he ended up killing his mother, one month after turning 15. He could still remember the smile she put on her face when he was about to finish her off. Disgusting.

When he turned 18, he was able to inherit all the money from his parents, but he eventually ended up burning it all, claiming that it was all useless to him.

» Likes [❤] / Dislikes [✖]
[❤] Fighting
[❤] His Entire Alliance
[❤] Causing Trouble
[❤] Bandages/Blood
[❤] Spicy Food
[❤] Stuffed Animals
[❤] Cooking
[❤] Teasing his Alliance just for fun
[❤] When people compliment his cooking skills
[❤] A small alpaca Azami won for him. It has an eyepatch just like him //shot
- - -
[✖] Women
[✖] Azami Miyamoto he thinks of her as annoying but somehow has a soft spot for her //hit
[✖] Chi Alliance
[✖] Saeko (His Stalker) & His Unwanted Fiance
[✖] His dead mother
[✖] People that get scared easily or can't fight
[✖] Weaklings
[✖] Sweets (He can't even stand the smell of it, if he smells it he might puke)
[✖] Losing
[✖] Blushing in front of others but does so sometimes anyways
[✖] Little Kids
[✖] Any girl that shows him any affection

» Extra
✖ Voice: [link]
✖ Orientation: Debatable. Just because he hates women doesn't necessarily make him gay. Most likely a Grey-asexual and/or a Demisexual. He just plays hard to get
✖ His natural hair color is Black. He just dyes it Red. Don't ask why-
✖ Akashi = Red Death, Kuroyuki = Black Snow i'm so creative
✖ His former surname was Takei, but he changed it to Kuroyuki because he no longer wanted to be associated with his father's name whatsoever.
✖ He loves stuffed animals. He has some in his room, which is why he never let's any of his members in there. ufufufufufufufu~
✖ He sometimes wears hair clips to help hold up his hair when cooking.
✖ He changes his eyepatch/bandages every so often. Usually when the blood begins to irritate him.
✖ He has an extremely large harem. //killed
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